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Breathe. Flex. Gong. Meditate.

Join us for a new Pure Salt Mat Experience, Candace Blair will introduce us to a variety of Kundalini Yoga techniques designed to enhance the overall mind/body balance while benefiting from salted halotherapy. Envision a class where you begin with pranayama (breathing exercises) to ground yourself and calm the mind. This will be followed by gentle body work, stretching and flexing the body, as we prepare for a deep relaxation to the sound and vibration of ancient gongs, bowls and bells. They facilitate a deeper state of consciousness and allow us to release emotional and physical tension. The class will finish with targeted meditations, using a variety of mantras and mudras to achieve the goals of the class and raise the vibration together. Each class will focus on a different topic (destress, anti-anxiety, better sleep, calm heart) so you can join one or all the sessions!
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10/10 at 6pm


1hr 15min