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Whether you would like us to build you your very own salt room, become your strategic partner or you are interested in a franchise, our power packed operations team can provide the level of expertise and support you are looking for!

Consider your timeline. It took us years to research, build and market our halotherapy and wellness studios. It always looks less complicated when peering in from the outside. But when it comes to salt studios, there is more than meets the eye. We have taken what we have learned and turned years of knowledge into weeks of training. Don't get stuck on the mat.


We are invested in site selection, location, negotiation of lease and build out of space. With a strong operations team in place to support you, we help navigate the process, with first hand experience we can share along the way. Every inch of studio space is just as important to us as the healing services themselves. Fun fact, our founder has a masters in design management from a top design school. From decor to functionality, wall art to trash cans, there will be a strong brand image that you will be excited to introduce your clients to!


It's just like building anything else, right? False. From the outside it may look simple, but there is a fortified system to construct a salt room that can maintain the weight, support humidity and halogenerators and incorporate design features. We consult you, bring the materials, complete the build and teach you the maintenance and operations for a long lasting healing space.


Put down that kombucha and think about this for a second. With this venture comes the challenge of educating your community on the benefits of innovative and natural healing services. What it boils down to? Trying to educate and engage across social media channels and marketing materials! It can be a challenge but we share the exact formula we have used to grow our following, including images, templates, programs, email newsletters, ad creation and more! Including revisions and edits as we grow together!

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