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Give the much needed gift of self care.

During current times, now more than ever can many of us use a healing recharge. A dedicated space for relaxation, to take care of not only our bodies, but also our minds. This holiday season, give them an experience they will remember.

Need ideas on what to gift?

Salt and Sauna Bundle

The best of both worlds, this back to back bundle truly cares for mind and body! Start with a 45 minute infrared sauna session to heat up your health. Followed by a 45 minute halotherapy session in the Himalayan salt room.

3 Pack of Sessions

Let your recipient decide what they like best with three sessions at the studio! Each session can be used for the infrared sauna or halotherapy session! Ex. 3 sauna sessions, 2 salt room sessions and 1 sauna, etc.

5 Pack of Sessions

Take advantage of our shop small special and provide your recipient the ability to truly experience the benefits of halotherapy and the infrared sauna. It is recommended that clients try 4-6 visits to see the full benefits,

Single Halotherapy or Infrared Session

Perfect for a first visit or recharge at the studio! Give the gift of 45 minutes of self care! Let your recipient decide a between an infrared sauna session or halotherapy session!