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Treat Yourself to a Massage

Slow down, experience an escape, let your mind quiet and your body release tension and stress. Its time to schedule your massage at the studio - incorporating the healing benefits of halotherapy and infrared sauna.

Massage and Halotherapy

The dim glowing light, shining through the Himalayan salt bricks that line the walls. You slowly walk across the loose salt grounding the space as you make your way to the table. As your therapist works on your body, experience the benefits of a halotherapy session at the same time!

Massage and Infrared Sauna

Before your massage, allow yourself time to sit in the infrared sauna – reaching deep into your muscles and tissue. The heat of the sauna will help to soften the muscle tissues allowing for a deeper massage with deeper stretching and greater tension and pain relief. This allows your therapist to truly maximize your time. 

Massage on Hilton Head Island

On Tuesdays at the HHI studio! Need a different day and time? Just call!


1 Hour in either the Himalayan Salt Room or Infrared Sauna Relaxation Room


Starting at $125 for an hour massage with halotherapy or infrared sauna