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Breaking It Down: Salted Meditation and Breathing

Many of us have heard how great meditation can be for our body, mind and soul. It has the power to aid in health, reduce stress and anxiety and more. But how does it really work? What if I can't quiet my mind or sit still for 45 minutes? How can I focus on just one thing? Basically, what do we really do and how does it help, right? Well salt shakers, if that sounds like you or you have been wanting to give meditation a try, this is the class. During this 45 minute session, all this and more will be explained as you are guided through a variety of techniques and breathwork that breakdown the basics, teach you techniques and provide powerful tools. All while getting the many benefits of halotherapy (dry salt therapy). Enjoy while sitting in a relaxing zero gravity chair in our studio built from pure himalayan salt or lie down on a yoga mat placed on our salt floor, your choice! Calm your mind, focus your attention, connect with your breath, open your heart, and connect more deeply with!
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45 minutes