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Meditation for Golf

“We all want to play better golf. The extent to which some golfers know no bounds. They’ll wire themselves into radical training aids, purchase libraries of instruction books, and spend all their down time practicing.” But what if you could improve your golf game by meditating? Well folks, the research is out. A new study showed that even just practicing a 20-minute meditation could improve your game. Wondering how? Better concentration, and an ability to learn from mistakes. The study found that meditation “improved focus and, crucially, a better ability to recognize a mistakes when they did make them, learn from them, which in turn helps prevent the same mistakes next time around.” - Golf.com. If you ask us, it is easy to see how this could benefit your golf game. “Golfers constantly make mental mistakes on the golf course: mis-reads, missed putts, wrong club selection, a poor swing or tempo. Ideally, we’d love to avoid them altogether, but that’s impossible. The most we can do is learn from our mistakes, and not make them again”. So golfers, it's time to join us in the salt room, where you will optimize breathing performance and clear any seasonal debris from the course, for an hour long meditation class focused on skills that you can apply to the game!
Learn skills to help with benefits such as: Keeping a quieter mind meaning you’re more focused during your shot routines
-Being aware of your thoughts and emotions in between shots, but not judging and reacting to them (which can change your mood and confidence)
-Clearer thinking about the right shot to play, more controlled responses to negative outcomes, instead of getting stressed and angry, sticking to the plan during practice instead of constantly tinkering (staying with tasks for longer without giving up)
-Playing better golf under pressure
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