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Men of Meditation: Halotherapy and Meditation for Men

“Face it, if meditation were a pill, you’d want it. If it was a workout, you’d probably be doing it already. You’ve heard all about its much-lauded de-stressing capabilities; you’ve read that it boosts immunity, regulates sleep, and enhances memory, focus, and your gray matter; you know successful, smart people do it (Kobe Bryant, Novak Djokovic, Jerry Seinfeld, those snide geniuses at Google who call their in-house meditation class “Neural Self-Hacking”). You know all of this, but, almost assuredly, you do not meditate. Why?” - Men’s Health. Maybe you think you can't quiet your mind. Or that it is something that only women do sitting in yoga pants. Or that you won't reap the benefits. Or maybe you are not sure where to start. This is your chance to forget all of that and join a meditation class specifically for men. You should think of meditation as exercise, not magic or religion; train your mind instead of your quads Tuesday night as you are lead through a guided meditation in a studio built from pure Himalayan salt! As your mind is guided, your body will absorb the healing and immune boosting benefits of halotherapy in this hour long class.



1 hour