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Private Rentals

Our studio rooms are available for private group rentals, serving as a unique venue to host your next gathering, celebration or corporate event.

Corporate Meeting

Back to back phone calls, a never ending stream of emails and a jam packed day full of meetings might be typical for you and many of your team members. In fact, Fast Company says that many of us spend 9.3 hours per day behind a desk; which can start to take a toll on productivity, communication and most importantly, our health. But did you know that there are benefits to offsite work meetings? It is said to align employees, breed creativity, increase productivity, establish and reinforce relationships, increase retention, and build camaraderie. The perfect spot to recharge, relax and boost your companies overall wellness? Rent out our salt studio. Hold a brainstorm or strategy session, engage in a team building activity or promote employee wellness with a private visit.


Birthday parties, wedding groups, book club get togethers, lady luncheons, monthly committee meetings, parents night out and the like are all the perfect reason to share a unique experience together while promoting overall wellness. Spending time with friends and family is usually about the experience. Sharing in something together, something different and fun. Pair that with wellness benefits and your next get together is truly a recipe for success.

Golf Groups and Athletic Teams

Perfect for your golf group, tennis team or athletic team, our salt room can help you achieve your best performance and help provide the competitive edge you are looking for. During training or while playing out on the green, athletes often encounter exposure to airborne allergens and other unwanted inhaled particles, causing inflamed airways and obstruction of airflow. Athletes find that once they have optimized their breathing, they can achieve better performance, using less breath. This means they have more air in reserve to give you more stamina and achieve outstanding performance.