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Now Offering Private Small Group Wellness Classes

Our regularly scheduled weekly open classes have currently been paused due to COVID in an effort to keep our community safe. But the good news?! We are offering a number of classes with our beloved instructors for you to enjoy in a private setting! That means you decide who joins, increased flexibility to accommodate your schedule and all with the same studio love and community to support!

Private Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Enjoy salted yoga - taking place inside the salt room with the added benefits of halotherapy, outdoor under the covered pavilion along the marina, or right at your home (rental or full time)!

Experience an instructor led guided meditation and sound healing journey leaving you relaxed and energized! Enjoy a tailored experience for you - learn more here!

While you lay on a massage table, let your therapist eliminate tension and wash away your stress. Think about trying this healing journey rooted in ancient practices.

Meditation...we have all heard the many benefits but for most, we are not sure where to start. Have a trained instructor and healer kick start or build on your journey.

Have a question about a private class or service? Send us a message at hello@puresaltstudios.com or call us at the studio 843-715-2825!

Book your private yoga class!

Experience the benefits of halotherapy and yoga together with a private instructor led class inside the salt room! Tailored for all ages and levels, this restorative based flow will have you feeling relaxed and renewed!