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Soothing with Sound and Salt

When is the last time that you simply laid back, closed your eyes, and let your mind and body receive? No thinking about your kids, your job, your errands. No running around, cleaning, or even working out - but really just took an hour to REST. For many of us, the answer is I can't remember. Or a long time. Which is why we are excited to bring back a special salted sound healing! During this remarkable hour long session, your one job is to turn off, to lay back and receive. As you get comfortable in the healing space, a low glow shining through the pure Himalayan salt that surrounds you, your instructor Candace Blair, will start to fill the room with soothing sounds. By using the gong, bowls and other healing sound tools and techniques, you will be taken on a journey to reduce stress, let go of tension & anxiety and tune your body & mind. All while receiving the many benefits of halotherapy. Inhale, exhale and feel well. Practice the art of receiving during this monthly sound healing experience: Soothing with Sound and Salt. This class takes place at the Hilton Head Island studio located at Shelter Cove Harbour and Marina.
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November 20th / 5pm - 6pm & 7pm - 8pm


1 hour