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Experience a Private Salted Sound Bath

Working with the bowls directly on the body strengthens the effect of the powerful vibrations that come from the specially engineered Therapeutic singing bowls. As you slowly walk across the loose Himalayan salt, the many particles creating the floor, make your way over to a heated chair or massage table. It is here, cocooned in the dim glowing light shining through the bricks, made of salt lining the walls, that your private instructor will help you to set an intention for your healing, opening your ceremony with breath work. Following, therapeutic grade singing bowls will be placed on your body as the pure and consistent tones bring a calm and clarity like no other. All while soaking in the many benefits of a halotherapy session. This experience will take place with you fully clothed, please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

Available at Hilton Head by Appointment! Call to book.


60 min


Private 1-1 Session, $135

Ready to release tension and stress? Call the Hilton Head Island studio to book at 843-715-2825!