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Salted Golfers Workshop

Flexibility, strength, balance, skill and coordination are all important factors when playing golf. In this 60 minute class, physical therapist Dr. Ashley Romine, the Athletes Mechanic, will breakdown the mechanics of the golf swing and other actions needed for playing and teach you techniques to optimize performance and reduce risk of injury. Joint mobility, breathing techniques, muscle stretching, and stabilization and strength exercises specific to the mechanics used in golf will be covered, all while receiving the benefits of halotherapy! Athletes everywhere know that they must train hard and keep their bodies in top shape if they want to be the best at their sport. Many use halotherapy to optimize breathe and reduce inflammation, which can provide the edge needed to excel. There are several respiratory conditions that affect athletes, such as airflow obstruction, exposure to airborne allergens and other inhaled particles, as well as other respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergies. Salt therapy is a natural solution to these issues.
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60 minutes