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Virtual Meditation and Movement: A Weekly Live Stream Class

Each Tuesday night, many of us meet in the salt room to experience the amazing benefits of halotherapy x sound healing x meditation. And although the studios are currently closed, we are excited to keep our Tuesday nights full of calming breathes, heartfelt meditations and vibrating sounds - all through the comfort of your own home! Register using the link below, and we will send you a link for a private zoom meeting, so we can gather and connect virtually! Introducing ``Movement & Mediation``, a new virtual class created to keep you fit, healthy and engaged during this time of separation. Designed for everyone, regardless of age, physical fitness or meditation experience, this class will help you to calm your mind, de-stress, move your body and elevate your mood! Over the course of 50 minutes, Candace will teach you a variety of breathing techniques, followed by gentle stretching and movement designed to shift stale energy and keep you limber. Her meditations will help you to clear your head, focus the mind and bring a smile to your face. We have the tools to get through this together, lets use them and find the silver lining in this time of uncertainty.
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Live stream Tuesdays at 6pm starting April 14th!