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Tuning Back In: Special Salted Sound with Ceremonial Cacao

“When the body is physically or emotionally compromised, certain frequencies become out of tune—just as in an orchestra”. In this class, will combine the healing vibrations of ancient instruments and ceremonial chocolate to adjust our energetic centers tuning your mind and body back into balance. We want you aligned and in a beautiful flow for the Spring season ahead! “Although its popularity has only begun to grow in the past few years with sound baths selling out in cities like New York and Los Angeles, sound healing is not a new practice. In fact, it has been an important part of many cultures for thousands of years. While each culture used, and continues to use, sound in different ways, they all utilized its healing properties for the same end, to create balance and harmony in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Sound can be used to rebalance the nervous system, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and balance the right and left sides of the brain creating a state of calm.” Add in all the healing benefits of halotherapy, known as dry salt therapy, and ensure you are cleansing early signs of mother nature from your respiratory system! Join us at the Hilton Head Island studio!
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2/28 at 4pm and 6pm


1 hr and 30 min