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Salted Sound and Energy Healing

Join us for a unique experience where we combine the healing effects of 1-1 energy work and MFR release with the healing vibration and relaxing sound of ancient gongs, rainsticks, and koshi bells. Tanya Colucci and Candace Blair have created a unique healing experience combining the various techniques they use in their daily practices including meditation, myofascial release, hands on energy work and vibrational sound healing. The session will open with a heart centered, grounding, guided meditation that will help you to calm the body and the mind, tuning into yourself and allowing you to be fully present. Candace will then initiate the sound healing with her rainstick and deeply transformational sounds of the Pluto gong. Tanya will spend time with each individual, doing hands on energy healing and MFR release work.
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90 minutes



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