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Planting Seeds: A Journey of Salt, Sound and Cacao

Tiny seeds plant mighty trees. And during this special class, we will be focusing on just that. Please join Candace for a special Salted Spring Equinox Sound Healing infused with sacred, ceremonial cacao straight from the jungles of Guatemala. Together, we will set intentions specifically focused on the transition out of darkness and into light, while surrounded by glowing Himalyian brick, grounding ourselves in the loose salt underneath our feet. The equinox is all about stretching out of our winter hibernation, planting the seeds we want to nourish and grow in the coming months. We will then share a cup of ceremonial chocolate, inviting the “spirit of cacao” to work with us to release stale energy and open up any blockages in our heart chakra, Anahata. Next, you will lie back for a deep vibrational healing using the Pluto & Symphonic gongs, crystal singing bowls, rainsticks, and Koshi Chimes. Imagine all of your cells singing in unison as you clear away the cobwebs of winter, and emerge from our time of fallow, refreshed and renewed. All while letting our bodies and skin soak up the many benefits of the salt moving throughout the air as we breathe. We truly hope you will join us for this magical, unifying experience! It is a wonderful way to shed the heaviness of winter and prepare yourself for a season of growth and expansion. Taking place at your Bluffton Pure Salt Studios location!
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March 18th at 6pm at Bluffton


1 Hour and 30 Min