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Winter Solstice and Holiday De-Stress Sound Healing

“People around the world celebrate the winter solstice in so many ways, including watching the sunrise atop vast monuments and temples, gathering to honor and respect the shortest day of the year, and symbolically celebrating the significant shift in nature. All of these traditions are totally unique to the respective cultures that practice them, but every celebration does have something in common. When you get right down to it, everyone is essentially seeking to center themselves and cleanse their spirits, rid themselves of old energy, and make room for new, good fortune that approaches with the rising winter sun.” - Elite Daily. This winter solstice, celebrate with a beautiful meditation and sound healing, intentionally created to provide stress relief from the approaching holiday, clear energies from the past year and set intentions for the new, and experience the healing benefits of sound healing and halotherapy. In this one hour and fifteen minute class designed to guide you through meditation, shift your energy, reduce stress levels and boost your immune system, you will experience the beautiful sound of the gong, rainsticks, bowls and more as it washes over you, while you soak up salt among the glow of a studio room built from pure himliyan salt. The holidays can create anxiety, stress, over committing, increased social commitments and more. This class is designed to help you create balance, shift energy and reduce stress as you head into the holidays and the new year ahead!
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Sunday, 12/22 at 4pm at Bluffton Studio


1 hr 15 min