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Salted Yoga Nidra

Need a nap? Feeling drained and like you could use a really good night sleep? Having trouble sleeping? Have issues with snoring that keeps you or your partner up at night? This may be the class for you. There is nothing better than waking up and realizing you got those full eight hours in. Or that sleep you get after you sleep in fresh sheets, right? Well, Salted Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, may be your key to feeling well-rested! Let us break it down. When you are driving in the car and need to shut it off, first you have to downshift the engine into park. Think of yoga nidra as a way to downshift your brain! As you relax in a zero gravity chair in a stunning studio built from pure Himalayan salt, you will be led through guided relaxation and breathing techniques that trigger a relaxation response. It is in this state that your body can rest, restore, and destress. One hour of yoga nidra is as restful as 4 hours of sleep. While you are being guided through yoga nidra, you will be experiencing halotherapy, or dry salt therapy. When it comes to snoring and sleeping problems, it usually starts with obstructed air passageways. Halotherapy can open and widen those air passageway and smooth inflamed and irritated tissue so restful breathing can be achieved. In this instructor led combination class, Halotherapy x Yoga Nidra, improve sleep, reduce insomnia, regulate hormones, alleviate PTSD and more. Join us for this special healing class!
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